Frederik Croene

Frederik Croene  (1973) is a pianist/composer/teacher based in Ghent, Belgium. He is perpetually investigating what it means to be a classical pianist in our contemporary context. He founded the concept of Le Piano Démécanisé, a dismantled piano, and since then looks for reinventing his instrument and his relation to its tradition. His latest work involves electronics (Roll over Czerny), visual arts (MarsII with artist Karl Van Welden) and conceptual recitals (MozartKreidlerMozart, Voyages au bout du Piano). He works as a piano teacher and gives a course composition/electronics/improvisation for classical music students at Academie De Kunstbrug in Ghent.  Next to his international solo career he played as a freelance pianist with Ictus Ensemble, Nadar Ensemble and numerous others.