Lilia Mestre

Lilia Mestre (1968) is a Portuguese performing artist living and working in Brussels. In her work she uses choreographic tools to research the social body. She gives special attention to the agency of all things and has been working in assemblages, scores and inter-subjective set ups. Actually she’s involved in two research projects: ‘And what about Virtuosity?’ with Edurne Rubio, Shila Anaraki and Frederik Croene supported by the Flemish government which developed in the art project “The container” 2017/18 in the Academy Kunstbrug in Gent.  And ‘Choreographic figures - deviation from the line’ initiated by Nikolaus Gansterer and supported by the University of Vienna and Peek. Since 2006 she is dramaturge and curator for projects in Bains Connective Art Laboratory in Brussels. Currently she is program curator at a.pass (advanced performance and scenography studies in Brussels).