Luís Costa

Luís Costa (Lisbon, Portugal, 1968). President of Binaural/Nodar. Curator, programmer, organizer and sound/video documentarist. Since 2006, he is the coordinator of Nodar Rural Art Lab, a programme of multimedia artistic research in rural villages, where more than a hundred artists and researchers were already hosted. He coordinates the Memory Archive of Viseu Dão Lafões and Paiva, a multimedia research, cataloging and mapping project of the collective memory of territories from the districts of Viseu and Aveiro. He directed the sound/video experimental documentary Where is the Source of my Paiva? premiered in 2011 during Paivascapes #1 Festival. As a sound artist, he released at Edições Nodar the following sound works: with English sound artist Jez riley French the CD Sonata for Clarinet and Nodar (2011), New Rural Listenings (2014) and Sound Memory of Cork (2015). In 2011 he co-edited the catalogue and double CD ree Years in Nodar: Context-Specic Artistic Practices in Rural Portugal and in late 2012 he published a book of essays and interviews Living an Ancient World: Texts on Art and Territories (2012 -2008).