Luka Ivanović aka lukatoyboy is a sound artist, musician, an award winning sound designer, and educator from Belgrade, Serbia. His current practice is based on participatory performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkie-talkies and site specific topics. Focused on the relation of chances and structures, he creates participatory works with suggested rules, questioning exclusivity and authority of an artist.
His main activities in music and sound include performing electro-acoustic improvisation (based on real-time sampling of various objects, toys, voices, and field recordings) using feedback, analogue synthesizers, electromagnetic coils, radio transmitters, etc.

Lukatoyboy also produces nano-techno and free IDM on a Game Boy. He edits a record label, Blind Tapes, a participatory and chance dedicated, on which he released more than 30 tapes with 120 artists recorded in one take in more than 20 cities. His live and improvised collaborations name Peter Evans, Sainkho Namtchylak, Svetlana Spajic, Mia Zabelka, Milana Zaric, Franz Hautzinger, Eric Thielemans, Jonas Kocher, Laurent Bruttin, JeanYves Evrard, Martin Brandlmayr, Johannes Frisch, Georg Wissel, Erhard Hirt, Rinus van Alebeek, Wo0, Branko Dzinovic, Blank Disc, Balazs Pandi, and Irena Tomazin, among others. He was recognized with an award for sound design for the theatre play Bartleby (2011, Mini Teater, Slovenia), and worked with directors Milos Lolic and Sanja Mitrovic in theatres in Belgrade, Vienna, Munich, Ljubljana, Brussels and Utrecht. Co-runs an artist-in-residence/festival retreat MultiMadeira.

Lukatoyboy is a recipient of the “Ubiquitous Art and Sound” Open Call for works, awarded by Deutschlandradio Kultur/Klangkunst, Goethe-Institut, ICAS – International Cities for Advanced Sound, ECAS – European Cities for Advanced Sound, and CTM Festival, which sought unusual ideas for pairing the specific artistic possibilities of radio with the potentials of live performance or installation in 2013. The first staged performance based on the above concept, “Walk That Sound”, featured around 60 people in Berlin and it was broadcast in its edited form on Deutschlandradiokultur. As an educator, he led numerous workshops for kids, dealing with topics of improvisation, sound design, performative narrative in most of the European countries and several states of the USA. He was an artist in residence at STEIM (Amsterdam), Pedra Sina (Funchal), Semibreve (Braga), Titanik Gallery, (Turku).