Tiina Lapola

Tiina Lapola (1982) was born in Mölndal in Sweden but grew up in a small rural village called Lumijoki in northern Finland. She is Hai Art’s educator in a sense of MAKER. She established her DIY (do-it-yourself) and DIWO (do it with others) practices. Tiina has invented the outdoor bicycle art retki trips and has managed Hai Arts media & makersLAB for the last 2 years. She studied textile design and manufacture in arts and crafts school of Ilmajoki (2002). In 2015 she started a training for post-graduate studies to be specialized instructor for children and young people.

She has studied sound arts alongside Hai Art practice, Antye Greie- Ripatti and visiting sound artists.

Her goal is to take advantage of as well as sound art and other experimental art forms to prevent the social exclusion of young people from society and improve children's and young people's social competence. When grown in rural areas of natural importance is reflected in her making and the creation process.