Donia Jourabchi

Donia Jourabchi - Iranian, born in Brussels in 1986, sound explorer. Her main focus is the movement of sound, body and space. She develops experimental approaches towards a spatial practice of sound: sound states as a potential mechanism to engage the social within the physical space in order to reject aesthetic conformity. The artist questions the place of the body in the lived environment and ways to cultivate community with a shared and dynamic understanding of space and presence. She explores places and situations to activate unknown territories in the sensorial common space by designing spatial sonic strategies. As an artist, her main interest is to explore the contextual relations between body and space with the materiality of sound. Her works are mainly concerned with the physicality of sound in place, often reflecting on the social conditions. She tries to develop processes that activate social engagement in the lived environment and a sense of embodiment. Dona Jourabchi was involved in numerous artistic projects, such as sound system design, instrument building, public interventions, and live improvisation. She conducted workshops in dance and choreography, sound techniques, instrument design, and field recording. For her, artistic activities are open forms of expression and intervention that are context¬-dependent and can vary from sound performances and installations, experimental music, self-made instruments and visual works.