Besides the main residencies which are planned for professional artists, researchers and socio-artistic workers, the SoCCoS-partners also foresee micro-residencies. In a micro-residency a group of 10 to 15 sound art-related students will work together during a week-long program on a determined topic, through workshops, presentations and practical research. A small financial support and the necessary facilities are offered.


Micro-residency at Hai Art in Hailuoto: September 2015

Micro-residency at DISK/CTM festival: January 2016

Micro-residency at Q-O2: May 2016 (in the framework of the other the self, sound art related to voice, gender, language, identity)

Micro-residency at Binaural/Nodar: September 2016 (collective work around the landscape/social impact of Ribeiradio Dam)