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CTM 2016 Micro Residency Report

Notable activities during the 10-day Micro-Residency included a session at the Humboldt University's Musicology Department, a guided soundwalk by curators Carsten Stabenow and Eric Mattson with artist Davide Tidoni, and a presentation by sound art curator Carsten Seiffarth. Networking opportunities were created via the Meet & Greet for Collaborative Networks where several EU-wide projects presented their activities and gave information to artists and curators on how to become involved, and the follow-up Network Speed-Dating session where students could meet one-on-one with curators and organisers from these networks. The Micro-Residency culminated with the Research Networking Day, where participating students presented their work and research to local Berlin students and interested members of the public.

A selection of photos from the Research Networking Day are available via DISK/CTM's Flickr page.