5 years ago
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Micro-residency workshop & presentation report

Myriam Van Imschoot, Peter Westenberg and Marc Matter guided the participants of this micro-residency through a program of workshops, presentations and visits. There was also time to present and discuss each others personal creative work. On May 31 Peter Westenberg discovered with the residents how languages, politics, conviviality and identity are connected in the context of a multiverse city such as Brussels. On June 2 Myriam Van Imschoot presented in her Inside Outside Voice Workshop exercises to explore the physicality and vibration of the sound of one's own voice in relation to other voices. An ear-corridor was built and transformed into a human installation involving two swinging microphones. On June 3 Marc Matter explored in his workshops various types of speaking through different kinds of voices. By means of listening and discussing recordings from the fields of the arts, entertainment, technology and everyday life, residents discovered what impact specific voices and manners of speaking have on a given text and how these elements constitute identity and hierarchy. Enjoy the photo- and soundstreams below!