5 years ago
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Playing the Rural Landscape in 2015

A short video on one year of SOCCOS residency in Viseu Dão Lafões, Portugal.
Five sound/media artists worked during 2015 on the subject "Playing the Rural Landscape".

Pierre Berthet (BE)
Yannick Guédon (FR)
Helena Espvall (SE)
Xabi Erkizia (ES)
Tiina Lapola (FI)

How can a rural landscape be addressed in double, tactile and musical, meanings? Following the liberating nature of the absence of a script or of a guiding theme, we invited artists to emphasize the organic, expressive and/or visceral contact with (natural and built) landscapes through performances and/or installations conceived from the stimuli and interactions arising during the residency.

Playing the Rural Landscape 2015 from Binaural Nodar on Vimeo.