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Report from AurĂ©lie Lierman’s residency at MoKS in Estonia

During the all month of October (2015) Aurélie Lierman stayed together with the artists collective 'Instruments Inventors Initiative (iii)' at the artists residency at MoKS in Mooste, Estonia. 

The main goal of Aurélie's stay was to develop the basic concepts and construct a framework for her new research on voice,  speech and meaning. As a vocalist and musician, she is interested in these concepts, and wants to create a vocal theater piece, exploring the boundaries between music and meaning. 

Besides the moments were she largely focused her attention on reading and recording, she as well enjoyed the occasion to collaborate with iii.

Solo and collective creations with iii collective member Wen Chin Fu were presented at  the 'Heli festival' (Tallinn - as well as in the nomadic performance series 'No Patent Pending #15 & #16', which took place in different venues, in Mooste and Helsinki.

Aurélies and Wen Chins performances focus on integrity of body, sound and space. 

Most of Aurélie's work is still in the early research phase. Recordings of the public performances are going to be available soon. 

Estonian National TV: Interview with instrument inventors initiative (iii)  at residency in MoKS, Mooste Estonia (okt 2015)