3 years ago
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Sonic Wild{er}ness - ‪micro-residency in Hailuoto

Main themes are:

- sonic wild{er}ness / music outside
- instrumentality of mobile sonic interventions
- sonification of matter & environment such as earth, stones, vegetation
- mycelium

We had 60+ applications of incredible quality, finally the emphasis this time is on instrument-building.

ATTENTION: Hai Art will make more camps and the existing applications will be considered! For all who can't come this time, there will be another possibility. Thanks, Antye

selected participants are:

Till Bovermann - http://tai-studio.org/
Anja Erdmann - https://anjaerdmann.wordpress.com/
Peter Kirn - http://pkirn.com/
Darsha Hewitt - http://www.darsha.org/
Annie Goh - http://goldsmiths.academia.edu/AnnieGoh
Lee Paterson - http://www.altblackpool.co.uk/breaking-the-soundart-barrier/
Katharina Hauke - http://www.3dmin.org/lecture-series/ws-20132014/entangle/
Inge Vanden Kroonberg - http://aifoon.org/
Jacob Remin - http://vsionhairies.info/


Program: #SOCCOS - EU project Sound Of Culture & Culture Of Sound
Time: 23-30 August (23/30 travel days)
Flights: 250 Euro travel costs contribution
Accommodation: free here, shared double bedrooms, if you want to rent an extra house, that can be arrangend on your own costs
local travel: included
Food: included, but collective cooking/ teams / vegetarian food
+ curation, lectures, teaching, mostly outdoor work, internet, LAB space, audio and video tech available, some production costs possible

There will be program 2-4 hours per day and rest flexible time. The idea is to work together.

Hai Art: curation, activism & sound in Hailuoto / Finland

Hai Art Soccos activities: http://soccos.eu/organisations/detail/4