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VOUGASCAPES#4: micro-residency in rural Portugal

International Summer Sound Practice and Social Research Residency
August, 21st - 27th, 2016
Villages on the banks of river Vouga in Center Portugal


albano ribeiro [portugal]
henry andersen [australia]
jakub krzewinski [poland]
kathy alberici [united kingdom]
kelli rose pearson [usa]
lucrecia dalt [colombia]
niklas nybom [finland]
paulina miu zielinska [poland]
samson pignot [france]
sebastian dingens [belgium]

Binaural/Nodar has a longstanding experience in working creatively with specific territorial subjects, as a way to embrace a deep reflection on the complexities of the real, particularly of its rural region, Viseu Dão Lafões in Center Portugal. Following previous projects dealing with subjects such as riverscapes, ethno-architecture, religion or rural mobility, we invite international young artists and/or social practitioners for a one week summer camp to collectively work on the geographical and social impacts of the recently built water dam of Ribeiradio/Ermida in several villages alon river Vouga in the municipalities of São Pedro do Sul, Vouzela and Oliveira de Frades.

During the week, participants will go through different in-the-field workshops coordinated by Binaural/Nodar team about the local geo-ethnographical context, sound recording/editing/mixing techniques, ethical/moral questions of site-specific artistic practices and cooperation methodologies to enhance collective work.

The end result will be a series of sound/media works, writings, drawings, photographs, etc. that will all contribute to a final small publication to be released later in the year.

  1. During Vougascapes #4 we will propose a hybrid context of following personal interests/impulses and sharing efforts in an unknown environment to most of the participants
  2. During Vougascapes#4 ww will dedicate the first full day to just share, talk, show works/researches, discuss, laugh, cook and get to know each other. We will use our studio for this.
  3. During Vougascapes#4 no one will have assume any special role. We will all work at the same level, irrespectively of age, experience, curriculum, position etc. We therefore propose participants to be open minded, humble and attempt to the context and to the co-participants (egos should be left outside).
  4. During Vougascapes#4 we will have a series of field trips to places and villages around River Vouga near the recently-built Ribeiradio/Ermida Dam.
  5. During Vougascapes#4 participants are encouraged to share with others each one’s previous works and field material (audio, video, texts).
  6. During Vougascapes#4 we will assume everyone can re-use other’s materials having only a courtesy constraint mentioning the origin/influence.
  7. During Vougascapes#4 participants will be mediated by Binaural/Nodar’s team, working in the area for over 10 years now.
  8. During Vougascapes#4 the mediation will be based on a dense anthropological connection with local inhabitants and several interactions will be proposed and simultaneously translated.
  9. During Vougascapes#4 participants will be encouraged to produce finished material (text, sound, video, photo, drawing, performance, etc.), either individually or in groups (as preferred by participants themselves). The finished material should be placed on the same Dropbox folders for future iterations.
  10. During Vougascapes#4 there will be a final informal public presentation on August 27th at 19h00 at Binaural/Nodar’s media lab in the village of Vouzela.