Binraural/Nodar is a Portuguese sound art organization founded in 2004 and based in the rural area of Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul municipality, center Portugal).

Binaural/Nodar manages Nodar Rural Art Lab, an itinerant residency program happening in several rural villages of Gralheira Mountain range, which hosts both local and international artists who work in the areas of sound and intermedia arts to address issues such as collective memory, identity, gender, age, geography, topography, music, sound heritage, landscape, vegetation, consumption and leisure dynamics, myths, traditions, crafts, agriculture, shepherding, etc. through the creation of site-specific sound installations and/or performances in landscapes, rural buildings, etc.

Throughout the year several residency cycles are organized in order to stimulate a collaborative environment between artists from different artistic fields and geographic origins. During the course of the residencies, several parallel activities are organized, such as conferences, lectures and educational activities, which are specifically youth-oriented. At the end of each residency module, there is a public presentation organized in one of the villages in which the art projects are presented and discussed by the artists and the organization.

Nodar Rural Art Lab’s residencies run for three weeks twice a year in the spring or autumn, and provide contact with a dense natural, agricultural and anthropologically rich rural context, also providing a permanent cultural mediation between artists and local inhabitants. Binaural/Nodar follows and facilitates each possible interaction as required, and provides historical / geographical / anthropological information at the artists’ request.

During their stay it is possible for artists to access Binaural/Nodar’s ongoing memory archive of ethno-anthropological audiovisual documents and to participate in educational interactions with local youth groups.

Time periods:

Main residencies:

April 12th – May 2nd 2015
October 4th – 24th 2015
April 3rd – 23rd 2016
October 9th – 29th 2016

Student-oriented micro-residencies:

April 16th – 19th 2015
April 23rd – 30th 2016

Suggested artistic approaches for 2015 and 2016:

a) To play/perform the landscape: return to the physicality of instruments, building instruments from local materials, using voice and/or language;
b) To develop permanent forms (sonic building / bridge / stone grain dryer, a collective or evolving concept, etc.)

Other practical aspects:

Private accommodation and working facilities located at rural houses in the region specifically rented by Binaural/Nodar. Meals provided by a local cook taking in consideration both local gastronomy and artists’ food needs and preferences. Travel around the region for fieldwork using a proprietary 7-seat van.
A travel support of 250 Euro (maximum amount).
An artist fee of 300 Euro per hosted artist.

Binaural/Nodar’s Board of Directors:

Luís Costa, Manuela Barile and Rui Costa


Binaural – Associação Cultural de Nodar
Rua do Pedregal
3660-645 Sul

Geo Coordinates: 40.833993, -8.042761

Tel. +351 232 723 160
Mob. +351 91 895 18 57
Skype: binauralnodar