Hai Art is an arts organization based on the island of Hailuoto in northern Finland.
Its main practice is artistic intervention in social and public space via mixed media & sound art.

In 2012 Hai Art produced an international arts conference “Wind As Context: Remoteness, arts and diversity” to lay the foundation for their off-the-grid practice. Subsequently Hai Art hosted more than 10 international Artist-in-residencies [Sound Room, Sonic Bikes, ‘Anchorhold’, Snow Sound Sculpture ‘Kiemura’, ‘Sound Map Hailuoto’ - iOS-APP, Sonic Boat Journey, ‘Organum’ - Acoustic sculpture], workshops, seminars and retreats.

Hai Art aims to inspire small communities and remote living, critically challenges its prejudices and builds meaningful content to experience. The actual art works accomplish discourse, communication and unexpected perception from a rural perspective.

The context is everything that is present on the island.

Hai Art runs a local children program with the iPad Orchestra Hailuoto and a Media Lab for locals in the village. It organizes a community sound choir called Kaiku [echo] which imitates the field.

Slowly a vision of a ‘Sonic Island’ is forming to accompany many other identities existing.
It is starting a subtle conversation with the planet. A poetic voice out of a remote landscape applying considerations of complexity, diversity and imagination.

1. Residencies: August 2015 / May 2016 / winter 2016 or summer 2016
2. Micro-Residency first week of September 2015
3. partner meeting/ symposium: March 2016

• discover the Organum [http://hailuotoorganum.tumblr.com/]
• work with local folk musicians, Finnish folk
• consider farming, animals, farmed animals
• workshops in the Media Lab with locals
• screenings, walks, beach, ice

MICRO-RESIDENCY (10-15 students) Sept 2015
• remote work in nature/ off the grid situation
• intuitive iPad/ app music/ sound work/
• sound and movement
• involvement of local children for an event
• voicing - vocal group action
• outdoor, sea, sand, space

• we offer travel expenses, accommodation and artist fee [400€]
• The artist must be able to cope with solitude and nature
• sparse living must be expected
• internet, LAB space, audio and video tech available
• curatorial company
• travel via airport Oulu, minimal public transport
• collaboration with curator and locals
• production has to be pre-organized due to secluded location
• everything is complicated

Hai Art - http://haiart.net/
All projects: http://www.haiart.net/projects.php
Sound Map Hailuoto for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/