Artists-in-Residence Laboratory is a meeting place, a workshop, a house, a space for artistic and curatorial activities. We are looking for new forms of intercultural and international cooperation and the exchange of experience in the field of art, constantly re-defining our understanding of the concept of artist residency and the role of artists-in-residence in the modern institution of culture. While working for the CCA Ujazdowski Castle, we are at the same time striving to offer artists staying with us the possibility of going beyond the gallery, beyond the concept of the exhibition as a method of the communication of art.

We support the development of international bonds between artists, curators and researchers; we promote the idea of the mobility of artists and art professionals in Poland and widely understood Eastern Europe. At the same time, the works of residents and curators of the A-I-R Laboratory are deeply entrenched in the local context of Warsaw, on many layers they map and enter into the dialogue with the city, involving its inhabitants in the creation process. We encourage cooperation between the foreign artists staying with the A-I-R Laboratory and the Warsaw artistic and scientific circles. Throughout the democratically structured workshops, discussion panels and meetings, our residents share their knowledge and skills with various groups of viewers.

Since the A-I-R Laboratory was established in 2002, we have accommodated in Warsaw more than one hundred and fifty artists from the whole world, participating in prestigious residential programs and cooperating with a number of the most important foreign institutions, galleries and art festivals. We independently run long-term international projects that every time aim not only at art tasks but also at afterthought and the essence of contemporary residencies: Rooted Design (2008-2010), Re-tooling Residencies (2009-2011), Re-directing East (since 2013), Blue Box (since 2016) and Social Design for Social Living (since 2016). Among our partners are Akademie Schloss Solitude, Flemish Arts and Heritage Agency, Mondriaan Founds, Videobrasil, Pro Helvetia, Res Artis, Dutch Culture (TransArtists), Gasworks, ACME, Residency Unlimited, Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Our activities are supported by the City of Warsaw.

Caroline Claus and Juan Duarte in AIR Laboratory, July 2015, photo: Bartosz Górka, courtesy of CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw.

• accommodation in the individual rooms with own bathroom and kitchenette
• perdiems of 800 eur, travel costs up to 300 eur
• access to joint networks AIR Laboratory at CCA Ujazdowski Castle and 4.99 Foundation (Glissando Magazine / Bółt Records) – sound and visual art / academic / activist : individuals, organizations, institutions which might result in further collaborations and expanding exchange.

• sensitivity to the issues of acoustic environment and importance of sound for society
• a residence will be strongly linked to a broadly defined ecology of sound – in a very local as well as broad context - each resident will be responsible for part of a programme of workshops on sound for young artists and researchers (linked to the “Jazdów Archipelago” festival)
• artists will be expected to actively exchange their experiences with AIR residents, local artists and curators, and to be involved in particular parts of CCA artistic program, especially the “Jazdów Archipelago” festival.

• June/July 2015 – 2 artists, each 6 weeks
• June/July 2016 – 2 artists, each 6 weeks

• Partners' meeting in Warsaw: December 7th-10th 2015