• GrawBöckler

September 14 - September 20 2015

Duo Graw Böckler added another chapter to their ongoing “Let’s Talk about the Weather” project during the CTM Siberia festival, which took place 14 - 21 September 2015 in Novosibirsk, Russia. the project explores different particuliarities of language, taking the weather’s position as the lowest common denominator for a conversation as a starting point, and elevating the subject by artistic means.

The duo interviewed CTM Siberia participants and festivalgoers, as well as the residents of Novosibirsk, asking them to describe diverse feelings and thoughts using weather-related words and symbols.  Currently assembling the footage into a montage, a whole new range of colour and expressions from Russia and Siberia is now being added to their ongoing weather “episodes”.

GrawBöckler also gave a presentation of their body of work within the CTM Siberia programme, on 16 September at the Novosibirsk State Library.