• Cabiria Chomel
  • Francesca Saraullo
  • Theater Tartaar

November 16 - December 08 2016

Dancing Auto portraits in collaboration Theater Tartaar and de School van Gaasbeek.

Dancing Auto Portraits is a sonic & choreographic research project with metally disabled actors (Theater Tartaar) in the Belgian countryside.

Francesca Saraullo and Cabiria Chomel are artistically involved in ‘Rihabitare il futuro’, a project of cultural and artistic innovation for the Abruzzo region in Italy. "Re-inhabiting the future" is a project of artistic residencies and workshops in the countryside municipalities. The implementation of a series of theatrical events, aimed to blend artistic experimentation (music, dance, theater and performance arts) with the re-use and exploitation a living heritage and landscapes, victim of decades of neglect. The intent is to directly involve the people of the country in the process of creation and implementation. Through the concrete experience of performing arts, the local public will be guided towards education and awareness to create a "new" ,open and available way to use music, theater, dance and the performing arts in general.

"Re-inhabiting the future" means returning to the past from the rubble of consumerist globalization, re-read and update traditional forms of employment and sustainable interaction with the territory, to design a different future, or just a future.