• Juan Duarte Regino

June 01 - July 15 2015

Pulsar Kite is an ongoing research intended to enquire into the playful practice of the kite flight by means of Sonic Augmentation. While it is a non competitive activity, a kite flight can be an activity of mere recreation without further purpose, although it can provide an opportunity to interpolate his potential outputs in the context of Generative Music. When an active user aims to control over unpredictable wind conditions, this physical interaction is transmitted to augment auditory, visual and haptic perception.

We invite you to take part in the interdisciplinary workshops of Juan Duarte (Mexico / Finland), a resident of the A-I-R Laboratory program at the Ujazdowski Castle, within the frames of the project Sound of Culture – Culture of Sound. The artist is preparing the project "Pulsar Kite," which aims to create interactive sound kites (June 2015), including a performance with them (July 4–5, 2015) within the frames of the research project Jazdów Archipelago implemented by the CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Workshop participants will be able to take part in the next stages of preparation – from choosing the place of presentation, through the construction of the kites, DIY sound workshops, development of the interface, design the formula of performance, and participation in the final presentation. The first step of the workshop will be Electroacoustic Atelier –  participants will prepare their own DIY electroacoustic instruments.