• Marialuisa Capurso
  • Émilie Bahuaud
  • Juan Duarte Regino
  • Sébastien Piquemal

October 09 - October 29 2016

After several many years hosting projects that worked thematic aspects of the territory that were beforehand proposed to artists (riverscapes, voicescapes, religion, rural architecture, social mobility), Binaural/Nodar has been working in 2015 and 2016 on the liberating nature of the absence of a script or of a previous guiding theme, inviting artists to emphasize organic, expressive and visceral contacts with landscapes of the Portuguese Lafões region, through workshops, performances and/or installations which senses are to be locally defined from the stimuli and interactions that ultimately are present.

The four artists who will do creative work in Vouzela have multifaceted and diverse paths in the fields of sound art, vocal performance, code-art, free improvisation and visual arts.

Juan Duarte
Sébastien Piquemal
Para-FonoM GO

The residency of Sébastien Piquemal and Juan Duarte Regino will be based on a workshop with youths from Vouzela, where they will build together a temporary installation in the surroundings of the town. Bespoke devices broadcasting sounds of the environment will be installed, which would be inaudible otherwise. The broad-casted sounds will then be listened to with a simple FM radio, and anybody tuned in to the right frequency can walk around, hunt and discover them. The relevance of this project goes further than merely learning on technology and it aims to use radio critically in the context of participatory art, empowerment and cultural identity through a guided sonic experience.


Emilie Bahuaud
Voices, sounds and words,
a walking diary

Voices, sounds and words, a walking diary is a project to be developed in and around Vouzela that associates sound creation and walking, in an organic manner. It’s a slow process of emergence of sound writing and introspective text, melodies and rhythms, of the body and its position in the environment, day after day and step by step, through the rigour of a repeated exercise as well as the release of the creative process. It might become a recorded diary, a concert, a radio piece.


Marialuisa Capurso
Rural Tableau

The need to listen, to reinvent our listening, the opening of the senses in a non-saturated place. A tactile approach which leads to the perception of otherness. The experience of the real by touch, thus reducing distances, and giving a sense of nakedness and exposure to the world. An investigation on how voice changes, on what the body feels and how it can relate to a specific environment. Marialuisa Capurso will work in Vouzela on the experience of otherness, using body and vocal sensory techniques to tune herself to a new rural environment, and later to record and map a series of long duration performances with the help of graphic scores.