• Lilia Mestre
  • Maciej Kierzkowski
  • Ryoko Akama
  • Frederik Croene

April 11 - April 30 2016

Playing the Rural Landscape
Sound art and experimental music artist residency
11-30 April 2016, Santa Cruz da Trapa & São Cristóvão de Lafões (Portugal)

Public presentation: 30 April, 16h00 (CCCP, Santa Cruz da Trapa)

In partnership with Município S. Pedro do Sul and União de Freguesias de Santa Cruz Da Trapa, Viseu, Portugal e São Cristóvão De Lafões, Viseu, Portugal.


Ryoko Akama (JP)
Frederik Croene (BE) + Lilia Mestre (PT)
Maciej Kierzkowski (PL) + Jarosław Urbański (PL)

A sound art/experimental music residency with three completed diverse projects, under the generic concept of “playing the rural landscape” in its double, tactile and musical, meanings. The liberating nature of the absence of a script or of a guiding theme, inviting artists to emphasize the organic, expressive and/or visceral contact with (natural and built) landscapes of the Gralheira mountain range (São Pedro do Sul, Porugal), through performances and/or installations to be conceived from the stimuli and interactions arising during the residency.

Ryoko Akama
Object composition - meeting with wild objects, fetching and attempting to transform its comosition daily from installation to text score, then, these functions are enclosed as gift boxes.
In this project, I would like to scroll my way to the landscape as to encounter objects of the winderness, deliver them back to the space to construct sound installations that change daily, recorded daily. All possible materials used are then confined into several boxes and dispatch to... where?

Frederik Croene (BE) + Lilia Mestre (PT)
Performer/choreographer Lilia Mestre and pianist/composer Frederik Croene will use their residency in NODAR as an intensive, performative training in preparation for an artistic project planned for the school year 2017-2018 :“Academie De KunstBrug” in Gent / Belgium. In this project they will use a local art school as a zone for experimental research. Their interest is the classical art education framework (amateur and semi-professional), which is based almost entirely on instrumental learning, and its co-existence with an art and performance scene -also institutionalised-  that wanders  away from technique-based art production. During their residency, they will search for local, classic educational environments, putting embryonic performance ideas to the test. These ideas have been developed in a long process of reading and theorizing and can be put into three categories: the knowing/ignorant teacher and the ignorant/knowing pupil; the metaphoric distance between the classroom and the concert hall; the 19th century vision of virtuosity versus contemporary multi-faceted art practice. Due to professional circumstances, their residential stay at Nodar will be limited to 8 days. During the residency they will install a daily routine of performance practices that investigate how a contemporary art project can invade an art educational institution. 

Maciej Kierzkowski (PL) + Jarosław Urbański (PL)
The aim of Udu-pture project is maintaining collective artistic process based on the Afro-European cultural heritage. The project is about common constructing of a big udu-drum in Lafoes region (Portugal) localisation, utilising the natural materials present in place. The aim is to create a permanent sound sculpture which could be used by everyone to create and feel the natural beats of the planet. The aim of the project is also to activate, educate and unite local communities. We are going to conduct ceramic and musical workshops for local children. The workshops' participants would also create own udu-drums of standard size, learn local folk rhythms and songs, and finally perform during the final live act of burning the big Udu-pture in external kiln.